Every step of the way, we're here to serve you better.

At Evens Construction, we offer the full range of residential and commercial construction services to support our clients in both the private and public sector. From preconstruction to project closeout, we understand that flexibility is key to meeting the needs of the many different markets we serve.
From health care to public assembly, education to corporate office - our clients need a construction partner who understands the mission of their specific facility, and tailors services and project management strategies to meet that mission. Putting client relationships as our top priority, that's the Centex way. Every step of the way, we perform for you . . . meeting expectations, keeping lines of communication open, maintaining reliable and accurate reports, and always keeping our eye on the ball - finding ways to serve our clients better.
Services Provided by Evens Construction.

Our Services ::
Identification of Properties
Feasibility Studies
Architectural & Engineering Consultancy services
Preparation of schemes / lay outs
Soil exploration & Testing
Obtaining all statutory licenses and clearance from Government agencies
Construction to excellent standards
free maintenance period after project completion