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Master Bedroom Designs

Sometimes however, because the homeowner is intent on difficult to make the appearance of the home more superb, they lean to neglect the master bedroom. The master bedroom may not obtain the wanted mind for juicy decorative dreams because not too many people will ever see it. Nevertheless since a large portion of the day is useless in the bedroom and since some of the most intimate moments in life take place there, it would be a sensible idea to take badly the forecast of master bedroom interior designs target.

One of the more important basics to ponder for master bedroom interior designs mean is in creating a personal area which will enter the gear in which the occupants are clearly interested. The space could and should mirror the personality of the owners and at the same time, start an intimate window. Furnishings, flag, and accessories all require to be charily considered to make constant the area will offer the best comfort.

Choices of Color Trends : The firmness of the roadblock redden will be an important one in master bedroom interior designs fabricate. You will want a tone that is nice, not too stimulating and which will help to construct the beloved atmosphere of intimacy. Nearly any influence can be worn if it is chosen in the rectify shade for the mass of extent. If colors are too night they can make the span feel congested in and much minor. This may work for a large room that has a good agreement of lighting, but can make a small room feel oppressive. Colors that are too light or subdued can form a washed out and boring look to a superior room. When picking a tint, you will do well to assemble several samples and look at them in the room. Once the painting has begun, if the color is not what was preferred, to prevent. Changes should be made before it is too overdue.

Choice of Bedding : Choose carefully the patterns for bedding and furnishings. If there are two people who concern the master bedroom, both should have parallel store as to the devise and colors. Nothing is more frustrating in master bedroom interior proposal than to come to the completion of the task and to have one persona loathe it. Allowing time and energy to get the just-right patterns and theme will be well meaning it. There are always conduct to find a compromise which two people can be cheerful with. Even if one character likes fishing and another part prefers bouquets of flower, a compromise can always be worked out.

There are, of course, other chief choices for master bedroom interior originate. Homeowners ought to invest time to think all the options within their resources curb and make choices that they will be pleased with. Even if it takes a little more time than was originally planned, it will make all parties happier to end up with a look which makes them fancy free to their master bedroom for remnants, relaxation - and intimacy.

Compound Wall

A compound wall serves to demarcate the site, protect one's property, ensure privacy and enhance aesthetic appeal. The most important reason for having a fence is security. Not only does a fence prevent encroachers from moving into your property but also effectively restricts entry into your space. Most city houses are independent units and therefore invariably have their compound walls.

Fencing t ensures privacy to the residents. Whether it is a 12 ft compound wall further reinforced by a chain link fence or a screen wall within the property that restricts access to certain spaces such as swimming pool and party areas, the height and location of these structures are decided on the basis of the privacy needs of the resident.

The most commonly used fencing option is the compound wall made of concrete. Other options include timber, picket fences that are also wood-based, wrought iron fences and natural hedges. The best designs combine these options, though the guiding rule is not to deviate too far from the base material used in the construction of the building. For example, a timber reinforced gate or the use of timber over the compound wall, which has risen to a certain height, is a different option.
A brick and mortar wall allows private properties to screen themselves from the road, in terms of visibility, dust and noise pollution. It is also necessary to shield the ground floor of the house from the street and therefore the front fence should be of a height that will fulfill this condition. Stonewalls are gaining popularity in cities, basically because it presents a strong exterior, is long standing if the foundation is good and requires absolutely no maintenance. But then this solid, stable and permanent barrier does not come cheap.
The stone used for walls can be roughly grouped into four types. Field stone is any irregularly shaped, unquarried stone found in or on the ground. Rubble is broken residue from stone sawing operations. Flagstone is stone that is so evenly stratified that it splits naturally into flat pieces. And cut stone is stone that has been shaped and dressed with a saw or a chisel.

The two basic classes of stone walls are rubble and ashlar. Rubble walls are constructed from stone, which are minimally dressed, or not dressed at all, while ashlar walls have carefully crafted stone and close fitting joints as opposed to the wide joints of the former.
Natural fencing or hedges in the form of medium-high shrubbery is a good option if one needs fencing but do not want to be bound in by a concrete compound wall. Waist-high hedges generally do not obstruct the view of the building and hence are a viable option. So are railings of about 3 ft height. They again allow a free view of the property but however may not be suitable for residential sites.
Wood is another fencing option, not very popular in India and definitely not in Indian cities. It is a very common means of dividing the front garden from the street in the West and can be used in the Indian context if and only if the security of the property is otherwise taken care of.
Rough wooden fencing is particularly suited to an informal garden. It makes an attractive natural background for flowers and shrubs and is a good support for climbers and most importantly, requires little or no maintenance. In city surroundings, this fence can be built in the rear side of the house as it is basically a private zone and the fence itself is shared with the neighbour and rarely exposed to the road.
Another popular fencing option is concrete pre-cast walls. While they are definitely attractive they are more suited to internal demarcations of activity zones rather than the boundaries. They are ideal material for screen walls.


An aquarium adds a dash of live and plumage to a room, giving it a distinctively refreshing look .It can be an aesthetic asset to the home as well as a source of enjoyment and recreation to the family members. Maintaining an aquarium is emerging as a favorite pastime .The very sight of an aquarium with colorful fishes and green underwater plumage can be relaxing and soothing to the eyes. Avid collectors go to great pains to rear exotic species. According tot-changing trends, a number of architects and interior decorators are willing to offer advice on setting up an aquarium to create the right ambience. There are professional firms that will design, install and maintain an aquarium. Clients often want interior designers to build aquariums into walls, recesses or as room dividers. Serious breeders are choosy about the species they buy and go to great lengths to maintain a special water habitat with soft lights, special equipment for filtration and aeration and waterbed landscaping. Aquarium services offer technical support for the selection of species and the kind of equipment needed to set up a fish tank.

Vasthu and Feng Shui:
The popularity of the aquarium is partially, driven by its application in Vasthu and Feng Shui, the ancient systems of architecture and interior design.Vasthu practitioners claim that positioning a fish tank in a particular location in the house will promote harmony with nature. There are certain species of fish which are believed to ward off evil and bring good luck
Popular species:
The single most popular species found in home aquaria is the Goldfish. Other common varieties include the Guppys, Mollies, Plattys, Sword Tails, Tetras, Gouramis, Rainbow Sharks, Blue Morfs, Fighters, Angels and Suckers. Among the exotic and imported varieties are the Discus, Parrot Fish, Bubble Eye Gold, Feather Fish, Elephant Nose, Arowana, Oscars and Piranhas. Many of the sharks found in home aquaria are in fact, varieties of catfish and not freshwater versions of the cartilegenious shark species found in the sea. The exotic discus, originally hailing from the Amazonian rain forests, is the rage among ardent home aquarists.

Maintenance of Aquariums:
Choosing the right kind of tank is as important as installing proper under-gravel filters, fluorescent lighting and aeration. This where technical support is necessary. One could landscape the tank with pebbles, gravel, colour stone, coral sand, driftwood or aquatic plants. The latest biological filters are capable of maintaining the water quality in a tank up to a year without replacement.
Attention has to be paid to species compatibility and the environment suited for each. Predators like Piranhas and Oscars should be put separately. Male Fighters attack each other and so should always be provided mates.
Fishes are susceptible to fungus attacks and infections and require close monitoring to identify the symptoms. The rising demand for aquarium products

Cost factor:
Decorative fish tanks with carved wooden supports and frames cost upwards of Rs.10,000 but a normal glass reservoir can be installed for less than Rs.5,000. Such is the craze for custom-made aquariums that these days, fish tanks are less about fish and more about design

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Solar Heating

Rising electricity bills and frequent power cuts have made the tapping of solar energy a significant alternative and an economically viable option. Solar panels and storage tanks have become almost an inseparable part of many new buildings, be it residential, educational, hospital or hotel. A typical urban house with four occupants requires a heating system with a 100-litre tank, costing a minimum of Rs. 13,000. A 200-litre system will cost Rs. 21,000. It goes up to Rs. 32,000 for a 300-litre heating system.The solar lighting system is also becoming widespread. While lanterns and plain lighting system are becoming popular in rural areas, solar power generation system is attracting the urbanites

Plain solar lighting system that supplies power to four lights and two fans will cost Rs. 20,000, whereas a solar power generator will cost Rs. 60,000 for an average house. It will supply power to four to six lights, a television set and
two fans

Customers should make sure the panel comes with inbuilt electric heating system to be used in times of cloudy weather. A customer should look at the ISI or BIS mark, the quantum of electricity consumed by the stand-by heating coil and instant availability of hot water while making his choice.

The Union Government recently brought down the rate of interest for loans on solar water heating panels to two per cent from the existing five per cent and has directed all banks and financial institutions to offer the same to consumers.


Events Engineering & Construction Pvt Ltd: Pest Control

Events Engineering & Construction Pvt Ltd: Pest Control: "Periodic cleaning of every nook and corner helps control pests. Hire a fumigator once in six months. Yellow Pages has a list of pest control..."

Pest Control

Periodic cleaning of every nook and corner helps control pests.
Hire a fumigator once in six months. Yellow Pages has a list of pest control companies.
Be ready to bear the noxious smell and fumes and empty all the shelves and cabinets.
Some companies use chemical compounds, some a compound of chemical and herbal preparations.

Periodic cleaning of every nook and corner of a house is definitely the best way to keep harmful pests out. Traditional households have a system of preservation of food items that automatically discourages pests from entering the kitchen. Wheat for the year is coated with castor oil, rice and pulses are stored along with special pellets, and many spices are roasted lightly to make them pest-proof. While these methods are time-tested, safe for humans and economical, they are labour-intensive.
The city has several pest control companies, listed in the Yellow Pages, that keep your house pest-free. They usually charge per square foot area of the house and fumigate all the rooms. While this does keep the pests out, it also forces you out of the house because of the noxious smell and fumes. Some companies use a mixture of herbal and chemical compounds in the fumigation. The synthetic chemical compounds are less expensive than the herbal preparations.

Bed Rooms

Bedroom Interior Design

Today, there are various numbers of schemes for your bedroom interior design that can be included when you plan for renovating or designing of your bedroom. At the very first point it is very important to take the note of your personal choices & priorities of your bedroom before you look for any bedroom interior design ideas. Besides the room's basic and actual design, take memo of the various requirements and functions that are an essential part your bedroom while designing.
As bedroom being the only arena and the part of your house that helps you relax and surpass to a serene state after spending the whole day at work in your office. Thus it is very important that your modern bedroom interior has a good ambiance. Consequently, it is very crucial that each component used is decorative, movable or immovable, adds to relieve you from stress and tensions of the whole day.
The bedroom should be clean and modernized for an appealing and calm look. Some of the features to look for while you plan to interior design bedroom in your house can be seen below in this article.


Egyptian bedroom interior design Themes

There are several design theme ideas available in the market from Egyptian bedroom design ideas to the modern bedroom interiors. In the Egyptian theme you will find gold as the famous color because of the magnificent pyramid interiors. With this type of bedroom interiors you can also opt for the incorporation of Egyptian writings and images as well.


Greek and Roman theme for bedroom interior

Both of these eras marked a similar architectural impact on our society but the Romans were said to have improved various Greek arts like architecture as well. So these types of bedroom design ideas are preferred when you have large space. This becomes one of those good bedroom interior design ideas to work on.


Gothic theme interior design bedroom

This theme suits to those who are looking for the colors like black, gargoyles and prefer an unconventional looking bedroom interior design. If you are looking for bedroom interior design ideas that can make an impact, this can certainly be the one that can cater your expectations.


Oriental and Modern bedroom

These two types of design ideas are influenced by the Japanese way of designing. Though, oriental can also harvest sways from other countries in Asia, modern bedroom design can also be achieved without any oriental influences as well. To get the modern makeover for your bedroom you can make use of the industrial materials along with the use of the concept of minimalism.
Embellishing the bedroom with a period theme in mind is just an example of a long list of possibilities for bedroom design ideas. The furniture must be very selective in the bedroom as too much of furniture crowds the room unnecessarily. It is best to make a clever use of modular furniture to make the best use of the space available in the bedroom.
In a good interior design bedroom the aesthetic touch can be added by avoiding clutters and adding essentials that can enhance the appeal of the room.
Other things that can add a zest to your bedroom accessories like beautiful carved glass pieces, elegant or funky lamp shades, mirrors can certainly make for great bedroom design ideas. Jazzy wall art like a unique canvas painting on the wall with one color at all, instills life in a dull looking room. The key lies in striking the right cord between suitable accessories and good bedroom interiors to give it all the right touches and make your bedroom go alive.

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MANY MYTHS exist about the construction materials and the process of construction. We would want to dispel a few in these columns.

Here are some random Gyan about some of the important aspects of construction of a house. We have elaborated a few important dos and don'ts for your reference.
Soak the bricks in the water before laying it in masonry. This will not improve the strength of the bricks but help the cement mortar to cure well.
Cement is made of lime. When cement sets, heat is generated. This will evaporate the water content and the cement slurry will dry up and crack. Dry bricks will make it worse by absorbing the wetness of the cement slurry. Wet bricks will avoid water absorption and also keep the cement mix cool for the first day. From the second day, the wall must be sprayed with water to cool the cement at least for seven days. 

Better alternative:-
Steel centring for the roof is a better alternative than mud centring. When concrete is spread on the steel reinforcement, the concrete must be packed well without air gaps in the concrete. With air gaps, the iron rods are exposed to weather and may rust over a period of time. The rusted rods break and the slab may crack. With steel centring, concrete can be vibrated with a vibrator, which will remove air gaps and cover the steel rods evenly. A compactly packed concrete will adhere very well and the strength of concrete roof will also be good. Concrete will not drink water when it is cured.
A mason at a construction site of my friend was refusing to use waterproofing chemical in the cement concrete for the terrace slab of the house. I asked him why he was against it. He said that by using the solution, the concrete would not drink water when it is cured and the cement concrete will not be strong. Such myths are common in building industry.
The truth is, setting of concrete is a heat generating process (exothermic reaction). When the curing water is stagnated on the concrete surface, the concrete is kept cool. The setting time of concrete (with 43 grade cement) is 21 days and therefore for three weeks, the concrete is kept under a sheet of water.
Nowadays, quick setting cements are available whose setting time is faster for quicker construction. The curing process can be reduced depending on the recommendation of the manufacturer.

Surkhi is not water proofing material as many think. Surkhi is a weatherproof layer or heat resistant layer, which insulates the roof from getting heated. Heated roof will radiate the heat into the rooms. Clay tile is also a good heat insulating material for the roof.

Easy application:-
For waterproofing, a variety of chemicals are available in the market, which can be mixed with the concrete and applied on concrete slab. This will stop the water from entering the roof. These chemicals, through different processes like crystallisation and ionisation, protect the roof. A leaky roof is not only a botheration, the wetness will also harm the iron in the concrete and render it weak. 

Tips For Home Safety

Ensure that all sharp tools such as knives,
forks and scissors are kept in a safe place.
Keep glass objects and appliances with sharp blades out of children's reach.
Unplug all appliances when not in use with cords out of children's reach.
Store vitamins, medicine bottles, masalas in high cabinet.
Store matches and lighters in locked cabinet. Position chairs away from the stove.
Store razor blades, nail-scissors and other sharp tools in locked cabinet.
Ensure that electrical outlets have grounded circuit breakers.
Unplug electric razors and hairdryers when not in use.
Get non-skid surface.
Fix electrical switches outside bathroom.
Avoid use immersion heaters.
Keep bottles of mouthwash, hair dyes and hairsprays out of children's reach.
Keep all tools and supplies gardening, automotive and lawn care units in a safe place. Keep all hazardous automotive and gardening products in a locked cabinet.
Keep bleaching powder, cleaning powder and detergents out of children's reach.
Electrical precautions:-
Cover unused outlets with safety plugs.
Ensure that all major electrical appliances are grounded.
Ensure that all electrical cords in the house are properly insulated (no broken or exposed wiring).
Check and remove other potential electrical fire hazards such as overloaded electrical sockets and electrical wires.
Position TVs, computers and stereo equipment against walls.


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Modern Type Villa Design -  Kerala - India

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