Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Compact Indoor Swimming Pools

It wasn't too long ago when in-ground pools were considered luxury features to a home. Today, they're almost as passé as central air. But who would've ever guessed the day would come when indoor swimming pools would be a feasible option, and not only for the rich and famous. That day has come.
Indoor swimming pools, while still considered a pretty fancy feature in the home, are truly gaining popularity in mainstream Kerala.

To have an indoor pool usually requires building an addition to your home or having an enclosed building. Or, as the case with an Endless Pool, neither is necessary if you have the proper room in your home already. The Franks chose to go with an Endless Pool, a pool that is often used for therapeutic purposes, and has a current that can be turned on or off. This type of pool can easily be installed in a home and for those handy with tools and putting things together, it is even possible to assemble it yourself.

These pools can be installed in a sunroom, basement or garage, any place with level, concrete flooring and ceilings that are at least 7 feet high.


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