Saturday, April 21, 2018

Stair case ideas

Here are a small showcase for staircase ideas.Different types,models,handrails etc are included in our small showcase.while building homes specially double storey staircase have an important role.Staircase models and space is depended on the types of house.

Thursday, February 15, 2018

Everyone have their own dream to build a new home. But it is not an easy way without a builder. A builder can help that person to make dream into reality.  That’s why Evens constructions is here…

Evens construction is a one of the reputed company in Kerala which undertakes all the Architectural designing as well construction works. We do A to Z for a house construction. We have more than 2000 Villa designs from our own designing team .We under takes designing works worldwide. We have so many international works. We mainly focus on villa designing and construction. We have a team for architectural designing as well interior designing.

Tuesday, January 23, 2018

Vastu Shastra - Indian science of construction

Vastu Shastra is know as the science of construction according to the Indian culture and is being used from ancient time till today. This is because its importance has been felt even in the modern times

Vaastu means "House", the dwelling place and consists of the five elements of life known as Pancha Bhudaas and is built on the following pillars known as Bhoomi-the plot, Prasad-the building built on the land, Yaana-vehicles around the building, Shayan-furnitures in the building. And according to Vaastu Shastra for a well being all these elements need to be in a sync with each other to live a happy and prosperous life by harmonizing the flow of energy into your homes. In this section you will find articles that will help you live a healthy and prosperous life with all the elements and pillars in proper balance.