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House Construction in Five Phases

 House Construction in Five Phases

Whether you want to build a new house, renovate your old house, or you want to build a modern style office, we will help you. Evens Construction PVT LTD is a one-stop solution for all of your construction needs. It is essential to lay a solid foundation for every project. After your land is ready, you should proceed with a systematic method for the construction. Construction process is a series of steps that you need to follow to complete your task. This process can be divided into five phases
• Planning /Design
• Pre-construction
• Procurement
• Construction
• Post construction

1)The Initiation Phase/Planning and Design
Managing a construction project begins with the initiation phase. There are many steps you must follow before a project is approved and any planning can begin.
During the Initial Design stage, there are three main steps
Programming and Feasibility
Here, the planning team worked with the client to determine the size of the building, how much space is needed, and how many rooms will be needed, after this decision is made, a project initiation document is prepared.
Schematic Design
Before construction begins, every step is very important, so the team will prepare a sketch that shows the space, materials, colors, and textures.
Contract Documents
The documents in this category contain the final drawings and specifications.
What are the challenges of planning and designing?
The biggest obstacle to starting a project on the right foot is miscommunication at the beginning. The project manager needs to be in close contact with the client, designer, architect, suppliers, and engineers in order to develop the project to a successful conclusion. This phase presents another problem, sometimes the client does not know what exactly they want or they cannot agree on the materials. As soon as the goals are clear, everything will run smoothly.
Evens construction aims to provide clients with a clear understanding of what they want when they approach them with their dream. Whether you want to build a house or any other type of construction, we are the right solutions for your dream. So, call us for any inquiries you may have about construction.

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