Friday, July 1, 2011

Luxurious Designer Bathroom Furniture Cabinets

A very big Italian company called Foster has recently created a collection of bathroom furniture and fixtures and has called this collection as the Piaf collection. It is a collection of stylish and innovative bathroom furniture which are available in huge number finishes and color combination. They provide bathroom furniture solutions for big as well as medium size bathrooms. A lot of bathroom cabinets could surely change the ambiance of your bathroom for not too much of a fortune. Almost everybody would be able to find some model that would fit in to their bathroom easily. 

With the number of varieties you have today, you can go in for custom made mirrors that come with built-in lights and cabinets which come with more details like built-in interior lighting within the shelf that gets turned on when you lift the top or open the shelf etc. Sensor switches and vanity light dimmers etc also add beauty to the bathroom. Lights and Cabinets are indeed furniture that decorate and beautify your bathroom. 

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