Saturday, October 26, 2013

Office Design and Productivity

Open space modern office interior design ideas
Is your office space designed in a way to increase the productivity? A comfortable and well designed office may increase the productivity of employees. Most of us spend the majority of our time in the office that’s why it is important to make an office comfortable. Office space design requires imaginative thoughts and consideration for business needs. There is need to hire a designer for a comfortable and functional office.  A few tips are given here to provide you some help to make your office productive.
A comfortable office design is a need to increase productivity. An open office plan, natural lighting and comfortable furniture will help to increase productivity. Either you choose open office space design or private office space design; the planning of office design should be according to the need of employees. Planning a better office design enables employees to do work better and it maximizes the productivity of employees. Open office space design is a latest trend for offices that allows open communication in employees. This may increase the functionality in office.
Office lighting is another important factor that helps in increasing the productivity. Overhead lighting can create problem of eyestrain, headache and fatigue, task lighting may over come this problem. Natural lighting in office helps you to save energy and increase the productivity. All the area of office should have proper lighting, this help the staff to remain productive and lively.
Boost productivity with office furniture
Good quality furniture should be used in office that makes staff healthy and efficient. The comfort and health of employees are important consideration. If furniture is not comfortable it may effects the employees work. An uncomfortable chair in office can have adverse effect on health and lead to fatigue and back ache. Ergonomic chairs are the solution to this problem. It is also advisable to use the chair and desk with comfortable height and width. The chairs should be adjustable according to the need of user. Hence one should be careful while choosing office furniture, desks and chairs. On the other hand, office furniture should not be too comfortable as this may distract the employees.
Office with windows provides a great amount of natural light and ventilation in office. Proper ventilation in office is necessary for health and comfortable working environment. Avoid large number of windows in office as it may have some challenges for workspace layout. Hire a designer with whom you can share your designs, he can modify your plans at the right time.
Productivity in the workplace is also increased when the environment is functional and comfortable. Most of the employees can not work properly with the clutter spread around them. You can organize all the documents with proper filing system and choosing vertical filing cabinets also minimize the clutter in the office.

By making some necessary changes in your office you can set a more productive working setup. Beside these ideas you can also think of many more ideas that make your office design more productive. 

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