Friday, January 31, 2014


The functional planning is a pre-requisite of any type of building.Good planning imparts good environment for living, working and recreation. Good homes means the house which are well built and well planned for efficient and comfortable living, with an environment required for building up of happy, healthy, beautiful, cheerful and peaceful lives.
                           Also good planning of factory buildings or business buildings improve working environment. The working conditions should be planned and developed in such a way the people working there should feel pleasure rather than feel boresome. This will increase efficiency and output of the work , Which in end is beneficial to national growth and uplift.
                         For good planning and designing of a buildings, the site selection of the building is the most important.The following general principle should be kept in mind while selecting a site for a building:
1.The purpose of the building and extend of privacy is desired.
2.The site should be located in fully developed or fast developing locality.
3.The site should be located in such way that community services like police and fire protection, clearing of waste and street cleaning, utility services like water-supply, electricity, drainage, etc., amenities like school, hospital, market, cinema, bank etc., shopping facilities and means of transport are also available within short distance.
4.Before selecting a site, one should study the bye-laws of the local authority, which before restrictions regarding proportions of plots to be built up, open space and margins to be left in front and sides, heights of building etc.
5.Area of plot should be such that the building constructed on it meet the requirements of the owner, after following certain restriction of local authority.
6.Shape of the plot should  be irregular or not having any sharp corners.
7.The site should be situated on an elevated place and also leveled with uniform slopes from one end to the other to provide good and quick drainage of rain water.
8.The soil of the site should be good enough with high safe bearing capacity to provide economical foundations.
9.The site should be situated in such a naturally beautiful environment that creates healthy living and working conditions.
10.The site should be away from quarries, kilns, factories, industries, rivers carrying heavy floods, water logged areas, badly maintained drain and slums, etc.
11.The legal and financial aspects should also be given due consideration. 

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