Saturday, April 12, 2014

How to Build a Pergola Roof

It is really relaxing to sit out in the garden on a lovely summer day. But there may be problem of shade in the garden. The solution to this problem is outdoor pergola which is a standing structure used for shading and covering a specific area in outdoor living space. Generally there are two kinds of Pergola, free standing and attached to house.

A free standing pergola is flexible; it may give you the choice to cover any area of garden, patio or pool deck. It can be used in various places for exterior of house such as on patios and pool paving. Pergolas have a wonderful design that is pleasing to the eye. This design forms a walkway area that is comprised of pillars or posts, which support cross beams. They are available in different sizes and usually be crafted from wood. Generally, pergolas are used in rectangular shapes. Curved pergolas are also popular but these are expensive than rectangular. 

Design A Pergola

Pergolas are usually made of wood. Use different types of wood together to give a unique look to pergola.  The beam on the top of pergola can be cut into any shape for different look. Also paint it in different colors to give it a pleasing look. Paint support posts in wood color whereas roof beams in green color. It will give the look of a garden. Thus made Pergola can provide you a shaded area in exterior of your house and can be used for dining or just for relaxation. A pergola with swing will give your child a play area or you too can enjoy pergola with swing.

Decorate A Pergola

Design a pergola with vines, plants and flowers. Roses can add the beauty to any design of pergola. Pergolas can be support for climbing plants such as creeper and climbers.
Use grapes vines to decorate a pergola. Hanging baskets of plants can be hung from the top of Pergola. Wooden windows can be hung between supportive posts to make an outdoor room. Hanging mirrors between supporting posts will make Pergola look larger and beautiful. Hang decorative birds or strings in between the posts. Wrap fabric or dried vines around supporting posts of pergola.

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