Thursday, February 15, 2018

Everyone have their own dream to build a new home. But it is not an easy way without a builder. A builder can help that person to make dream into reality.  That’s why Evens constructions is here…

Kerala’s top rated company for Architectural and interior designing. We start with the thread of you and fulfill it into dream home. A home is place where our dreams meet. We start with consultancy. We go through your requirements and finally we give you the quality output.
·       Start with your budget
When you start with the plan to build home first you check with your budget. Then only you can check whether the requirements meet with the budget or not.  
·       Designing
Designing is the second part of the building home .Once your budget is set then design home with your requirements. And check whether requirements meet the budget.
·       Approval from the government
Once designing finish next step is to get approval from the panchayath or municipality.
·       Construction
Finally construction, dream home into reality. Here we need a complete supervision because here man power meets money power.
Ours is a unique firm which provides A to Z for a house construction


·         Site Survey
·        Architectural Designing
·        Interior Designing
·        Sanction for drawings
·        Consultancy
·        Construction

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