Saturday, April 28, 2018


EVENS CONSTRUCTION  is a multi-service oriented construction company which offers a complete array of services that satisfy virtually all the needs of clients who seek to build their dreams thru the construction of houses, buildings and other structures in  the most efficient, hassle-free and elegant manner.

What makes EVENS CONSTRUCTION apart from other construction companies is that it takes every construction projects it handles not only professionally but personally at the same time. We serve from the heart. We do not only mean business by constructing high quality, cost-efficient and elegant structures, we mean genuine concern and assistance to our clients for them to reach worthy dreams they have for themselves and their loved ones. From its foundation, the Company has been consistent to its goal to provide excellent construction services to our clients and take part in the achievement of their aspirations.

We pride ourselves to that fact that we are not only serving them as a construction company but also as a substantial contributor to the fulfillment of the goals they hold. We acknowledge that the lifeblood of every service company is its clients. With that, we take utmost concern on the satisfaction of our clients. EVENS Construction is managed and run by a dynamic team of young, high-qualified, competent, experienced and upright professionals in the field of engineering, architecture and construction, ably supported by skilled construction manpower.


Our vision is to be recognized as an excellent and trustworthy Construction company by building or renovating high-quality yet cost effective structures in the safest, most efficient, ethical and Vasthu-principled manner.


We will continuously improve our services by fulfilling market demands and being receptive to clients’ concerns by constructing safe, high-quality and cost effective structures through a workforce and management working together under a culture of harmonious teamwork, integrity and commitment to excellence.



We acknowledge that the Company Vision and Mission will be attained by harmonious co-operation between the management and employees.


We deliver excellent service for our clients within the projected time, under the specified budget and the best quality possible.


Cost Estimates, Planning and Design

We will work with your ideas and develop a plan with you that will suit your style and fit your budget. Budget estimate, perspectives, layout and house design will be presented for your approval.

Building Permit and Documentation

We take out all the hassle from you and prepare all necessary documents, blue prints, plans and details for house construction purposes to secure government required building permit all signed and sealed by Professional Engineers and Architects.


We will be responsible for processing building permit needed in the Construction phase.  We will source out all materials and supply labor and tools in the actual house construction phase. A Project Manager / Engineer will be on site regularly to ensure we deliver your dream home on time and on budget.

BANK required Housing Loan Requirements

We will assist and prepare the documents needed for your house construction loan, financed house construction such as complete set of building plans, bill of materials/ specification/ cost estimates and building permit.​

Post Construction Service/Warranty

We take pride in the quality of our work, we want you to be satisfied and we delight in delivering beyond your expectations.​​​​



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