Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Ceramic Floor And Wall Tiles For Bathroom And Living Room Interiors

Ceramic wall and floor tiles are becoming a better option of flooring because they are very easy to maintain, long lasting and add a beautiful effect to the room. Refin is an Italian manufacturer famous for ceramic floor tiles with some amazing concepts and new designs in their showroom.

Italy has since time immemorial has been known as the land of beauty, fashion and culture and has always had an enduring influence on arts and fashion in the rest of the world. The Italians are also revered for their innate sense of elegance and style. This is also the land of magnificent architectural delights and spectacular natural beauty. In this incredible country, where every citizen seems to be a connoisseur of beauty, it is inevitable that this appreciation of beauty also extends to the genre of luxury interior design and decorating. Every Italian design has been universally feted for the beauty of its silhouettes, symmetry, the skilful choice of colors and superlative quality. One glance at the images of these ceramic wall and floor tiles from Refin and the first words that come to mind would surely be, “Que Bella”. First of all, the colors are absolutely gorgeous and elegant and very soothing to the eye. These tiles are also durable and very low maintenance. These beautiful floor and wall ceramic tiles are the creation of Ceramiche Refin which is Europe’s second largest ceramic tile group in terms of turnover. Refin has been showcasing their premium products to international markets since 1962 and their avant-garde designs have never ceased to enthral house owners, interior designers and architects.

Refin’s Living Ceramics collection has been crafted in line with cutting – edge design trends to blend with the living spaces of the New Millennium. There are myriad colors to choose from such as white, light – grey, orange, green, black, dark-grey, yellow, brown, beige, red, blue etc. Each of these colors too come in various shades and hues. For instance, if yellow is your choice, then Refin has various shades of yellow such as Fabula Giallo, Stile Giallo, Visual Gold and Pietre di Borgogna oro. You will have to patiently sift through the various colors and textures to decide which ceramic tile best suits the decor of your living spaces. Although these tiles are basically low maintenance, Refin has certain words of caution with regard to their proper maintenance. Cleaning with plain water will not suffice and using substances such as substances such as naphtha oil, vinegar etc should be strictly avoided. Refin has recommended certain cleaners which have been specially designed to remove the calcareous wastes of mortar and grouts that
that adhere to the dirt.

To remove oils, vegetable and animals fats, beverages, food wastes. Nicotine, shoe polish etc, specific alkaline-based detergents, caustic soda, potash will be the most effective. For inks, rust or felt pen stains, specific acid-based detergents, muriatic acid, oxalic acid are recommended. For oils and mineral fats, tyre rubber, resins or paints, candle wax and synthetic shoe polish, use solvents like trichloroethylene, niter diluent, turpentine and acetone. For just daily cleaning, go for common detergents free from waxes or perfumed oils.


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