Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Stylish And Modern Wooden Ceramic Basins

We are so accustomed to seeing the standard white or cream wash basins in bathrooms and I was delighted when I chanced upon these exquisitely pretty ceramic wash basins from Simpolo. They come in a variety of unique designs and gorgeous colors. These unusual basins are all hand crafted and each piece is undoubtedly one of a kind. I have always loved ceramic products and even the most ordinary piece has an indescribable compelling beauty. These ceramic basins will give a light summary ambience to your bathroom. I think these colorful basins will also blend with the decor of a teenager’s bedroom and bathroom. The adjectives beautiful, unique and unusual would best describe these ceramic basins.

In fact, ceramic has always been very popular with design aficionados. In order to preserve the beauty of ceramics, it is important they are polished regularly to enhance and maintain their lustre and shine. Ceramics is essentially the craft of forming, firing and glazing clay which can be used to make an infinite array of products. Clay is the basic material which is found in abundance and is inexpensive. The magic is in the hands of the potter and the final product is dependent on the innate creativity of the potter at the wheel. Since clay is very malleable and pliable, it can lend itself to many applications such as building materials, plates, bowls,drinking vessels, jewellery, sculptures and decorative wall mosaics. Clay has many diverse applications ranging from enormous architectural forms to delicate translucent bowls and vessels. Therefore, clay can be fired to fashion hard and durable material or something which is malleable enough to carve.

The art of ceramics dates back to hundreds of years and the art of pottery is the ideal outlet to satisfy one’s creative urges. Names like Wedgewood have become the byword for excellence in quality ceramics through a blend of sophisticated classical contemporary design and skilled craftsmanship. This quintessentially English company uses innovation and quality craftsmanship to fashion exquisitely beautiful ceramic products. Many an English home is the proud owner of antique Wedgewood pieces of crockery and objects d art passed down over generations. Simpolo is known for its innovative products and its main base is in the ceramic capital of India which is Morvi in Gujarat. Simpolo’s beautiful ceramic basins are the product of top quality raw materials and the latest technology. The perfect dimensions and flowing contours of these beautiful ceramic basins are created using design moulds from resin blocks and a semi-automatic casting system. Additionally, the firing kiln used in the glazing process is very advanced and one of the very few in India to possess such technology. The variety of designs, motifs, patterns and textures of the ceramic basins are a testament to the creative energy within Simpolo. 

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