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General Hints And Tips       

1. To restore finished wood furniture, steep two tea bags in hot water for 10 minutes. Let cool, then dampen a clean soft cloth with tea and wipe over wood furniture. It will bring out the woods natural color and shine.

2. Use kitty litter mixed with baking soda in a pan to neutralize musty or bad odors.
3. If the tip of your shoe lace becomes frayed snip off the frayed end.Then paint or dip the end of the shoe lace into clear nail polish and let it dry. Good as new.                                                                                              
4. If your new shoes are to tight put the nozzle of your blow dryer into shoe and turn on low. When shoe gets warm, stuff with paper or socks to stretch it.                                                                

5. Spray wd40 on a cloth and wipe over leather shoes or leather boots , then buff with a soft clean cloth to shine and make them waterproof.                                                                            

6. To make nail polish stay on nails longer first coat fingernails with white vinegar using a cotton ball. Let dry then apply nail polish. To quickly dry nail polish dip fingers into a bowl of cold water. Then shake access water from hands and allow hands to air dry.

7. Shaving your legs with hair conditioner instead of soap makes them soft and smooth. Just apply, shave, and rinse.

8. A little olive oil and enough sugar to make a paste make a nice facial scrub. Gently massage onto face avoiding eye area then rinse with warm water. This can also be used on hands.

9. Witch Hazel is a great facial cleanser and toner.

10. Baby shampoo is not only gentle for babies hair, but can also be used by adults for soft shiny hair.                                                        
11. To clean oil based paint off of your hands, use vegetable oil. Then wash hands with warm soapy water.

12. Before storing clothes that have been dry cleaned, remove them from the plastic bag, as the bag may cause clothes to yellow.                                                              
13. If you have weeds growing in the cracks of your patio, deck,or driveway. Kill them by spraying them with a solution of 1/4 cup of salt added to 1 gallon of water.                                                                    
14. To keep weeds from returning to the cracks of your patio, deck, or driveway keep salt in the cracks.

15. Remove onion smell from your hands by first washing them with soap and water. Then while hands are still wet rub them over the faucet spout. "No more smelly hands".                                              

16. Cosmetology schools are great money savers for haircuts and hair coloring. Some even offer nails and pedicures. Students do the work and are supervised by certified teachers ,to insure that the work is done correctly.

17. If you drop a  can of soda or it gets shaken up, to keep it from exploding when you pop the top, use your thumb and middle finger to thump up and down the side of the can as you rotate it for about 20 seconds.Then you can pop the top and enjoy.

18. If your dryer seems to take longer to dry the clothes then it used too, remove the screen filter and scrub both sides with a soft brush in warm soapy water(an old toothbrush works well).Then rinse thoroughly and dry, before putting back in dryer. This will also help your heating element last longer. Repeat as necessary.

19. Keep a bottle of Dawn original blue dish detergent on hand, it's a great degreaser as well as a spot remover.

20. To remove the smell of smoke place bowls of white vinegar around the house to absorb the odor.

21. 1/2 lemon sprinkled with table salt can be used safely to clean or remove stains from granite. For stains leave lemon and salt on stain to soak, then rinse with clean water and dry.

22. Dampen a cloth with white vinegar then sprinkle cream of tartar on the cloth to clean porcelain.

23. Salt and lemon juice mixed together remove mildew stains.

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