Friday, February 28, 2014

Tips to Make Your Vacuum Cleaner Last

If you have carpets, then you probably own a vacuum cleaner. Vacuums can be important for maintaining the air quality of your home. You want a vacuum that can get all the dust from the inner recesses of your carpet, and you want that vacuum cleaner to last as long as possible. A long-running, dust-busting vacuum cleaner can improve your health. Maintaining it is an eco-friendly way to make a tool and the resources that compose it last as long as possible.

Clean the Brush Roll
How many times have you had to turn off your vacuum to clean the roll. Usually string, lint and thread will clog up the brush roll and you'll have to cut it away. Before you vacuum, check the brush roll. Make sure the brush roll doesn't have any string or carpet remnants that will slow down its motion. Not doing this can make the belt or the engine wear out more quickly. It can also cause you to vacuum for a longer period of time which uses up precious electricity.

Lubricate the Brush Roll
Remove the brush roll. It should tell you how to do it in your owner's manual. You can find owner's manuals online if you've misplaced yours. Unscrew the cap on either end of the brush roll. You will have to hold the cap that you are not unscrewing to unscrew the cap you want to unscrew. Take note of how the bearings sit before removal. Clean all detritus from around the bearings. Take out the bearings. Lubricate them. Olive oil makes a handy lubricant. Put the bearings back the
way that you found them. Repeat for the other side.

Vacuum Bags
A lot of folks will tell you to replace the bag if it is one third to one half full. They are wrong. You should empty the bag when it is half full, but you can reuse the bag three or four times without any problems. You can also find manufactured reusable bags.

Check the Belt
Some experts say that the belt should be replaced every three months. Again, we can defy the experts by taking the time to check our belts before replacing them. If the belt is loose, has worn spots, tears/cracks or uneven lumps, you should probably replace your belt. A worn belt leads to an inefficient vacuum. Also, Make sure that you belt is on correctly. An off-kilter belt can cause undue wear on the engine and the belt.

Filters all gummed up by hairs, lint and nutshells can reduce engine efficiency. Check your owner's manual on how to replace them. You can even buy reusable filters and eliminate waste.

Keep it Clean
Cleaning your vacuum can make it run more efficiently. Clean under the brush roll, inside the casing and wash all the attachments. This will keep the airflow clean and unobstructed.


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