Monday, February 24, 2014

Vastu Tips For a Peaceful Atmosphere at Home

There’s a lot of discussion about the significance of vastu in modern homes. This age old practice is all about following certain rules and practices to harness the positive powers of the energy surrounding us. It is all about keeping the house clutter free and allowing air to circulate freely inside the house. Here are a few more tips for a lifetime of harmony:

a) Vastu at the entrance: This is one of the most important places in the house. It is said that houses with doors facing South West should be avoided. But if you’ve fallen in love with the property and would buy it at any cost, make sure to fit a Hanuman tile outside the door. This negates the evil energy that enters the house from the South West. Similarly, doors facing East, North and North East are said to be good. In fact most vastu builders in Kerala avoid a south west entrance.

b) Kitchens facing south east are ideally considered good.

c) Get rid of clutter: Keeping the house clutter free is the most important principles of Vastu Shastra. Clutter is said to encourage stress and tension among people living in the family. This is especially true for bedrooms. Make sure that places within the cupboards and under the bad are free from clutter. Some people have a habit of storing things from the past. This clutter only stops you from accepting your present or welcoming your future. Removing the clutter makes you open to the forces of nature.

d) Using Mirrors: Placing mirrors on the north forces people to think about their problems and worries. You can either move the mirror to another wall or install a screen so that you don’t have to see the mirror when lying down on the bed.

e) Installing Gas and electric gadgets in the kitchen: Installing a gas stove on the south east is said to be good, whereas connecting electrical gadgets in the south facing wall as these are the best direction for elements of fire.

f) Colors: When using colors, make sure that you choose from primary colors, viz. blue, green, red and yellow. These colors promote health, good appetite and calm.

g) Water: Water in the north east area makes sure that it is free from harmful energy.

h) Placing your telephone: Here again, south is the best direction as the element of fire is associated with the south. Placing your telephone on the south is beneficial.
These are just some of the things that you should be careful about. Make sure that you choose a builder who makes use of vastu Kerala home design for a peaceful and stress free life.

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