Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Leather for vintage and versatile decor

One of the most popular pieces of living room furniture used in most homes is the leather sofa. Leather is a material that will never go out of style. There is nothing that can match its durability and comfort.

Versatility has been the key feature of leather and it blends with any kind of decor, whether traditional or contemporary. The variety of shades available makes it easy to work it into any decor concept. On the other hand, the material itself can be used to dictate the interior as it has a strong visual impact.

Natural finish
Whether you choose a single, oversized comfy settee or large sofas – make sure they blend with the space available and your home decor. Naturally finished leather is soft and flaunts the inherent look and texture of leather, and ages well.
Throw pillows and cushions do wonders to a leather sofa. They add style and glamour and make the seating even more comfortable. Set against the soft texture of leather, these add-on cushions can make the sofa even more inviting.

Modern look

Antique brown, bottle green and black are the traditional variety. For a modern look, choose from crocodile or snake prints, floral and geometric patterns embossed on the skins. Select from colours such as whites, beiges, reds, golds, silver and metallic finishes.

Stitching details on the leather are equally important. Some of the options are the simple thread stitch, cobbled stitch, crisscross stitch or even a simple leather lacing.

Leather in decor

Leather in interiors has moved beyond just furniture. Table tops in leather panels, picture frames, floor cushion covers, and mats complement traditional as well as a modern decor.
An elegant use of this material is in covering antique books, which can be displayed in cabinets. Nowadays, attractive lampshades, table mats, bowls and coasters add elegance to any setting.
Apart from sofas, living room furniture can use leather for chairs, bean bags, ottomans, reclining armchairs and even bar stools. Dining rooms chairs, sideboards and settings could be in leather.
Add to it a glass dining table with decorative candles and ethnic table mats and you have a winning combination. You can also opt for leather wall panels.

Bedroom beauty

In bedrooms, leather upholstery looks elegant for seating as in other areas like study rooms, and family spaces. Here, you can use leather for the bed, wardrobe shuttles or even for the dresser mirrors. White leather is gaining popularity and you could select it for your bedroom for that serene look.
Leather artifacts too can find their place in the bedroom. It could include anything from photo frames to vases, ash trays, lamps, desk accessories and cushions. If your study is a part of your bedroom, a leather study chair works great. It is soft and plush and looks better with age.

Study area

Leather sofas work great in a den or the study area. Opt for black and red leather for the drawing room if you want a stark feel. For the old world feel, accessorise the leather sofas with a beautiful Persian carpet.


A unique choice is the use of leather for window blinds. When combined with silk, wood panelling in the room, plush carpeting on the floor and judicious lighting, the effect can be exciting.
Panelling of cabinet shutters with leather, combined with other accessories such as metal studs, can make a statement. Similarly, simple objects such as a container to hold a dry flower arrangement, a fruit basket or just side stools in leather add panache to an existing decor theme.

Composed leather

Of late, composed leather is finding a way into homes because of its quality and also because it costs much less than actual leather. Wood furniture coupled with composed leather is the latest trend.
Wood sofas come with cushions that are completely detachable.It is important to choose good quality hardwood that will last long and will age well with minimum maintenance.

Care and maintenance

Though leather is expensive, it is long lasting and becomes supple with age. However, if leather is to retain its beauty, it must be cared for, cleansed and conditioned. With a little care such as protecting from excessive dryness that can cause it to crack, and from moisture that may cause it to swell or mildew, it lasts long.

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