Tuesday, March 25, 2014

How to Choose Roof Tiles

For most people, your home is the greatest single investment you will make during your life. Visually, your roof contributes significantly to the overall appeal of your home. Choosing wisely will reward you by adding beauty, character and value to your home. To help you on your way, here are the steps you should consider when purchasing a new roof.

Selecting the material

Choosing roof tiles specifically gives you the following benefits:

Your Home Location
All Boral roof tiles are salt-safe and frost resistant making them suitable for any location and particularly coastal areas. Boral roof tiles are built to last with 50-year warranty against defects. Choose from the natural beauty of terracotta or the enhanced versatility of concrete roof tiles.

The profile refers to a roof tile's shape and design. Boral roof tile profiles range from smooth flat tiles to prominent undulations or waves on the front edge of the tile. Key considerations when choosing a tile profile will be the pitch of your roof as well as its style.

When it comes to choosing a colour, it's easy to be overwhelmed by the number of options available. Boral has carefully selected colours for each of their roof tile ranges, so you can be confident choosing the right roof colour for your home. For more information refer to the Boral Roof Tiles Selection brochure in your state.

Will not rust
Will not rust, warp or corrode
Roof tiles will not rust, warp or corrode, a problem with other roofing materials.

Provides thermal insulation
Roof tiles keep you comfortable in your home all year round, while helping save money and the environment through energy savings.

Impervious to frost and ice
Roof tiles are ideal for those living in colder climates. They are impervious to the effects of frost and ice, and will never warp, no matter how cold it gets.

Tank water safe
The raw materials used to manufacture tiles are non-toxic, so the water that runs off a tiled roof is potable, however, other factors including atmospheric fallout needs to be considered.

Salt Safe
Roof tiles are ideal for coastal locations that endure the wind, spray and salt of the ocean. All Monier roof tiles are salt safe and will not corrode over time

Provides acoustic insulation
Roof tiles assist in keeping unwanted noise out. Their advanced insulation properties mean that the only noise in your home will be the noise created by you and your family.

Terracotta’s additional appeal
Terracotta tiles are a sustainable product of lasting beauty. The colour never fades, as it is baked onto the surface of the natural clay, giving it qualities like no other roofing material. This is backed up by our Monier Terracotta 50 year Colour and Performance Guarantee.

Selecting the shape and colour of your tile

Profile refers to the roof tile’s shape and design. It is what gives your roof its distinct and unique character. Monier offers a large range of profiles, from sleek contemporary flat profiles, to the more traditional and classic profiles. When choosing a profile it is also important to consider the pitch of the roof.
For sleek, contemporary profiles... try Horizon, Nouveau, Cambridge, Georgian, Madison and Nullarbor. For traditional and classic profiles try Elabana and Marseille.

Monier has a diverse, fresh and modern palette of colours and finishes to choose from. From light neutrals to sophisticated dark tones and matte through to glazed finishes.

Consider your roof finish
Like many things, the finish of a product can make all the difference. It’s the same for roofing. Therefore, if it is a more contemporary, minimalist look you are trying to create, consider A-line Ridging.

Roofing Essentials

Used together, insulation, ventilation and sarking can significantly reduce the amount of energy required for heating and cooling your home, while also saving money on energy bills and ensuring more pleasant and enjoyable living conditions all year round.

Insulation products slow the transfer of heat and cold through your ceiling, resulting in the regulation of temperature within living spaces all year round.

The final component of an effective roofing system is roof ventilation. A wind powered ventilation system plays the key role of minimising temperature build up in the roof space by extracting trapped hot air and replacing it with cooler, ambient air from outside.

You only get one chance to install sarking and that is when you install a new roof. At Monier, we believe the benefits of sarking far outweigh the incremental cost of the product. Sarking is a flexible membrane that is laid under the roof battens during the installation of a new roof. Monier recommends the use of sarking for all new roofs irrespective of roof pitch, terrain category or location for the following reasons:

  • Reflects up to 95% of radiant heat entering your roof space, contributing a reflective R-Value which improves the overall thermal insulation value of the roof structure
  • Protects your home from wind driven rain and dust ingress, creating a secondary protective skin in the event of storm damage
  • Reduces air leakage from inside the roof structure, allowing insulation to work more effectively which ultimately improves the energy efficiency of your home
  • Provides compliance to BAL bush fire ember attack requirements in accordance AS3959 by providing a secondary form of ember protection for the roof space


Choose a qualified roofing installer and ensure your roof is installed properly and to specifications.


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