Monday, March 31, 2014

Precautions while purchasing steel window grills

Steel is the most important element and basic raw material for construction of a building. Well finished and good quality steel is required for any strong construction. So you need to have a careful eye while purchasing steel. The steel must be free from rust, cracks and surface flaws. Let’s know some steel purchasing guidelines.  

Remember while purchasing steel

1. Accurate Rates
The house owner should verify rates from different shops in the market. He should also ensure about the quality of steel.

2. Quality Workmanship
Observe workmanship of already finished material at shop/workshop of manufacture before giving order.  
3. Accurate Size Measurement 
Ask manufacturer to measure the sizes of door and windows from the site of your house. If the sizes are taken by manufacturer, he can not make any excuse at the time of fittings.

4. Quality Material
Check whether the material i.e. mild steel angle flat T channel etc. used in windows/grills has a surface free from cracks, surface flaws having uniform width and thickness. The material is free from rust.  Steel member should bear stamp on the surface from reputed manufacturer. 

5. No Joint in Steel Member  
Any individual member used in structure should be in one piece without having any joint. 

6. Finished Exposed Edges
All exposed edges are finished square and smooth by filing, milling or planning. The welding is equal to the length of joint, not in touch form and be smooth. Any welding material’s chip is not left on the surface of any member. The holes are drilled in spite of punched and be according to the requirement.

7. Grills’ Quality
The grills should be cleaned of all sides, rust and foreign matter and be painted with priming coat after fabrication works. Fix grills in windows properly leaving no space with required screws or welding as the case is.

8.  Proper Weight
Take weight in your presence carefully at the time of weighing.
Note down: To prevent pilferages in weight and know more about the weight and length of steel members, you can take help from the article “Weight of different Steel Members”. 


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