Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Vastu Tips for Compound Wall

Compound wall is the most important subject in the vastu. Someone have got wrong opinion or ideas that if the compound wall is made before the construction of house it will cause inconvenience or difficulty for construction work and may bring the situation for the sale of the plot. Its wrong idea, we have to construct the compound wall before constructing the house. It’s always right thing. . It has more importance in vastu shastra.

1. Every home should have compound wall.

2. If it is not possible to construct the compound wall then atleast fencing or paling should be there.

3. The proper directions for gates to the compound wall is :
South (Only after showing the property to one expert vastu consultant)
West (Only after showing the property to one expert vastu consultant)

Bad Gates to the property :

The remaining Northeast direction it has to be finalized only with the help of vastu shastra consultant, he has to visit the property and has to take the compass directions and then only he has to inform where exactly the gate has to construct.

4. The gate if fixed opposite the east facing entrance it becomes exiguous, so keeping the gate as it is another gate has to be erected in the elevated north east.  Then there is no wrong. If not, one gate only can set up in the elevated eastern north east. Not opposite the house. Then north east passage will be there.

5. Compound wall should be lower in height than the main entrance of east or north facing houses.

6. For houses with south or west facing entrances, compound wall can be less or more in height than the main entrance.

7. Some times compound walls collapse in the corners. If such an eventuality occurs in west, southern south west, eastern south east and Northern north west reconstruction should be taken up immediately on war foot basis.

8. Any entrance facing any direction may see the compound wall gate. But the angle pillar should not face the center of the door.

10. In some houses for style purpose some one decreases compound wall at northeast towards north or east sides its not good.

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