Monday, November 11, 2013


The foundation is the first step in the construction of the house and therefore it is vital that you treat it with the necessary importance. Beautiful buildings have been ravaged by moisture or in the worst case have even sunk to the ground; all because proper care wasn’t given while laying the foundation.
The construction of the building begins with the foundation. Foundation is that part of the building which carries the load of the entire building and transfers it to the ground. In simple terms, the purpose of the foundation is spreading the weight of the building Depending on the counter thrust of the earth the foundation is accordingly designed. The softer the soil, the lesser is the counter thrust. The foundation must therefore be wider at the interface.
Wanting a strong foundation for the building does not mean the use expensive materials in the foundation and thick concrete columns in the building. An appropriate foundation must be used depending on the nature of the soil and the structural complexity of the house.
The first task in foundation is of course, the excavation of earth. Anti-termite treatment for the foundation trench can rid you of the pests that may plague your home. Two more applications are important — one before the flooring bed and other before the plinth protection concrete is laid.
The construction begins with bed concrete for the foundation. RCC pillar foundation and size stone foundation is followed by Damp Proof Course or Plinth Concrete. Curing is a must for the foundation. Should the earth be filled immediately, pouring water into the filled earth will cure the foundation as well as make the loose earth more compact.
Before starting foundation work, pay attention to the following factors:
· Check the nature of the soil at the site before estimating the cost of construction.
· Bad soil condition will increase the cost of construction exponentially.
· Use of pile foundation may jack up cost of construction by 25 per cent.
· Size stone masonry foundation on hard soil like red murram can carry a load of ground and two stories, provided that good quality materials are used.
· Take care not to combine the RCC structure and load-bearing wall structure in the same building.

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