Monday, November 11, 2013

How to Clean and Care Sofa

Care sofa – Many sofa cleaning products and services providers as professional sofa cleaners. Why? Because cleaning sofa can not be done arbitrarily. But actually, is not as difficult as imagined if you really know how to care sofa before. Care is not only cleaning it, but how you treat it.
Each sofa has a different upholstery, their treatment method also different . Your couch covered by what? Leather (genuine, faux or synthetic), microfiber, microsuede or fabric? Here are some easy tips on how to care and clean your sofa.
Sofa upholstery microfiber, microsuede, and fabric
Sofa with this upholstery types is very easy to dusty. In order to not easily cause allergies, you must often clean up sofa and cushions using vacuum cleaners or sofa steam cleaners, don’t forget also clean on leather folds. To prevent moisture that can cause mold and damage the foam, you can drying in the sunlight once a week. If exposed to water spills, immediately to wipe. Splotches stain might be something that cannot be avoided, use a special shampoo for sofa to clean up then dry it immediately. In order for quickly drying, you can also use a hairdryer.
Leather sofa
Appearance of a leather sofa does look exclusive, luxurious and elegant. You should pay special attention to caring for leather sofas.
To be durable, should avoid exposure to direct sunlight on your leather couch. Heat from sunlight can cause skin damage sofa. It would look chapped and dull.
To avoid your leather sofa quickly so as not dirty, you can use a slipcover or fabric cover. Slipcover or cloth cover can also prevent contamination of sweat on the sofa. Sweat can cause splotches stain. How to clean quite easily, by rubbing a wet cloth on the stain.
Frequently to clean the dust on the couch. Need more attention on leather folds, usually be a place of the dust pile and mite.
Using a conditioner should not too often, just used it if it looks dull. Besides wasteful, usage of chemicals too often can actually cause abrasion.
Lots of sofa cleaning products offered in the market. You must be smart to choose, read how to use it first. You can also do experiments, try a little on parts that are not visible prominently. Suppose that happen something wrong, not spoil the appearance of your sofa. Or, you can hire the professional services, as well as fix it if any damaged parts.Care sofa it’s done in an effort to maintain durability and appearance. Do not forget to clean your sofa legs, always looks shiny and looks new.