Saturday, March 8, 2014

Bathroom Flooring

Nice looking bathroom flooring adds to the delight of bath giving you refreshment for the day to come. It can give stylish and royal look to your bathroom. The bathroom flooring you opt should meet functional requirement of the room. Bathroom flooring must be hard, durable and moisture resistant. It is pleasing to the eyes, comfortable to bare feet and gives soothing effects. The following are some suitable types of  bathroom flooring.

Types of Bathroom Flooring

Ceramic Tile Flooring
Terrazzo Flooring
Marble Flooring
PVC / Vinyl Flooring

Ceramic Tile Flooring for Bathroom

This type of bathroom flooring is best choice as it is easy to clean, scratch resistant and light in weight. It is anti-slippery and requires no polishing. This flooring is fire proof, bacteria- free and easily affordable.
It’s available with innumerable combinations of colors, designs and finishes. Ceramic tiles can be cleaned with water or damp cloth. Ceramic tile flooring is easiest to maintain as compared to other flooring.

Terrazzo Flooring for Bathroom

This flooring is available in variety of textures and colors. Marble and granite chips are used in terrazzo flooring to give attractive designs. This flooring requires polishing after some time to maintain its shine.

Marble Flooring for Bathroom

Marble flooring is durable and provides a royal look to bathroom. It is available in different colors such as white, pink, green, grey etc.  It’s available in variety of shapes such as square tiles, rectangular or whole slabs. It’s fire resistant, easy to clean and wipe. This is the most durable bathroom flooring but needs extra care to maintain.

PVC/ Vinyl Flooring for Bathroom

This type of bathroom flooring is available in different shapes and patterns. It’s flexible, unbreakable, water proof and easy to clean. Also it’s bacteria free and budget friendly. If tile flooring is installed, a particular tile can be replaced if it’s damaged. It is inexpensive and remains long-lasting in all toughest conditions. It gives luxurious look to the bathroom. Thus this flooring is a popular choice.

Tips for Bathroom Flooring

Choose the bathroom floor that is safe.
Choose moisture resistant floor.
Opt for flooring which lasts long. 
Use rugs instead of carpet.
Make use of stone and marble with ceramic floor that gives smart look.
Choose the bathroom flooring that gives comfortable feel to bare feet.
Opt for the flooring that is durable, easy to clean and gives classy look to the bathroom.


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