Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Children Room Vastu Tips

According to Vastu, keeping everything in positive direction in children’s room results in creative thinking and good health because this room is the hub of fun and joy where children spend most of their time. Your child can grow in such atmosphere and lives a happy and prosperous life.

Vastu Shastra recommends west direction for children's room. The location of bed should be in south-west portion whereas the head should be in south or east direction. The door of the room should not be exactly opposite to the bed. The furniture should not be placed at the centre of the room.     

Furniture: The location of bed in children’s room is south-west corner. The furniture should be few inches away from the walls. Almirahs and cabinets should be located in south or west direction.

TV and Computer: Computer and TV  should not be placed in children’s room. If it’s necessary, it’s recommended to place  TV  in south-east corner and computer in north diection of the room.

Study Table: If study table is placed in bedroom, it should be in such direction that child could face east, north and north-east while studying. Thus placed table boosts both memory and concentration and invites new ideas. The books should always be kept in south-west, south or west as lots of books and papers in study room create clutter and mental pressure.

Lights: Use up-lighters at south-east corner in children’s room as it is good for health and generates positive energy. Never use sharp lights and spot lights as it creates mental strain.   

Color Scheme: Color affects mood and every aspect of life. Green color is ideally recommended for children’s room as it gives freshness, peace and increases brain power.

Doors and Windows: The door of children room should be in the East or the North.Windows in the East and North of the room are beneficial.

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