Monday, March 10, 2014

How to Care for Your Pond

  1. Make a pond by digging a hole suitable to you and line in with plastic or use the pond in your neighborhood.
  2. Buy an already made pond, if you are not interested in building a pond. You can get this from your local plant nursery.
  3. Take care of your pond by putting duck weed and a few tadpoles or fish in, to create a friendly environment for the pond guests. Putting in water plants and rocks it is a great idea. A good pond can encourage dragonflies that lay their eggs in the pond.
  4. Once a balance of plants and animal life is established, the water should remain clear without needing further attention. However, if you notice any changes in the numbers of fish and plants, the water balance may be slightly off and a surge of algal growth may result.
  5. Aquatic plants don't require much attention, but periodic division helps keep them healthy. Every couple of years, in late spring or early autumn, divide plants that are overgrown or crowding neighbouring plants. Thick roots may need to be divided with a spade or a knife and divided clumps can be replanted singly.
  6. Pests are less of a problem in ponds with fish, as the fish eat the insect larvae. In late summer aphids often attack water lilies and other aquatic plants, causing discolouring and decay. Use a hose pipe to wash away the aphids, or submerge the leaves of plants for 24 hours.
  7. Here are some water plants to try in your pond:

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