Monday, March 10, 2014

How to choose a comfortable office chair

Selecting a good office chair is an important task to make your employees comfortable and more productive. Generally, we don’t have idea how to choose an office chair. The chair you choose should be according to the nature of work and physical need of user. Think of a one piece shell chair in office where you work for 8 hours a day, is it comfortable? Different task require different postures and a chair should accommodate a full range of postures. Here are given some guidelines that will help you to select an office chair.

Back support

Your office chair should have adequate back support. The back rest should adjust up and down for the correct posture of body and lumber support. Adequate lumber support reduces back ache and spine problem. To work properly in office, adjust back rest up and down until it feels supportive and comfortable.

Height adjustability

Height adjustability of chair is a main feature of a comfortable chair. All people do not have same stature, leg length and torso height, the height adjustable chair accommodates supportive posture. Office chairs are ranges in low, high and standard height. Generally, standard height office chair are preferred.

Comfortable Armrest

Chair armrests can be fixed or adjustable. A good office chair will have adjustable armrest. Armrest should be wide enough to get in and out of chair. If armrest is not fit then it can be removed to feel comfortable while sitting in chair.

Chair Wheels

The size of wheel is standard for most of the chairs. Also these standard and harder wheels are for carpeted surface and for hard surfaces softer wheels are best. Since a hard floor surface is polished, the softer wheel provides more friction.

Seat Tilt

A good office chair should accommodate the seat tilt option to sit in different positions throughout the day. A few degree of tilt helps reduce the back flexion during forward work, such as writing work. Tilting back of chair should be easy and should have some tilting tension.
So, take time when finding for new office chairs. Once you have decided on new chair, make sure it possesses all of the above features. Invest in an office chair for maximum comfort by selecting chairs that are ergonomically comfortable.

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