Friday, March 7, 2014

Paint for interior and exterior walls

Interior walls show inner décor of the  home whereas exterior walls are amazing for external embellishment of the  home. The effects of wall colors miraculously realize your character and your home as well. Interior wall painting adds to the charm of your  home whereas exterior wall paint protects the home against rain and snow. It is the most creative decision to choose right color and finish for the walls. However the following are some choices of the paint for interior and exterior walls.  

Paints for Interior Walls

Latex/Water Based Paints: These paints do not  fade away easily, less likely to crack or peel and have fewer odors. Moreover, latex paints are fast-drying and require only water for thinning and clean up.

Oil-Based Paints: These paints are better choice for interior walls as they are extremely durable. Oil-based paints are slow-drying and require mineral spirits for thinning and clean up. The only drawback of these paints is that they have strong odor.  

Vinyl-Acrylic Latex Paints: They are the least expensive and suitable for most interior walls as they have durable color and better adhesion. 

Enamels: It is a type of oil based paint with better adhesion qualities. It is reasonably durable and stain resistant. It provides softness and cheerfulness to the surface. It has better gloss than vinyl-acrylics.


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  2. Choosing paint for interior and exterior walls is crucial for both aesthetic appeal and durability. Interior paints should reflect personal style while being easy to clean. Exterior paints must withstand weather conditions. Consider factors like finish, color retention, and resistance to mold and mildew. Invest in quality paint for lasting beauty and protection.