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Specification and Purchasing Guidelines of Marble Chips

Marble Chips

Marble chips should be of the specified color. Common colors for marble chips are white, pink, black, yellow, green etc. Marble chips must be hard, sound, dense and homogeneous in texture with crystalline and coarse grains.
The chips should be uniform in color and free from stains, cracks, decay and weathering. The marble chips should be crushed mechanically and be free from marble dust and foreign matter.

Types of Marble Chips 
1.    White or pink Makarana 
2.    Black Bhainslana 
3.    Chittor black
4.    Jaisalmer yellow
5.    Baroda green 
6.    Dehradun white
7.    Chittor pink
8.    Chittor green and yellow
9.    Alwar black

Precautions while Purchasing Marble Chips

•Verify the rate from 3 or 4 shops supplying the material. After you verify the rate, the supplier tells you the rate of chips per bag. 
•Clarify the rates with the respective weight of the chips’ bags while verifying the rates because old empty cement bags half filled with chips are being sold by the supplier. 
•Select the size of chips according to your requirement as to what thickness you are laying in the floor. For example if the thickness of floor is 40 mm, marble chips of 1 mm to 2mm size are used with 6 mm thick top layer.

If the thickness of floor is 43 mm, marble chips of 2 to 4 mm size are used with 9 mm thick top layer. For 46 mm thick flooring, the size of chips is 4 to 7 mm with 12 mm thick top layer.

•Check the marble chips if there are ‘katcha stone (soft stone) chips’. This can be checked by rubbing some dry chips particles against each other taking in hand tightly. After rubbing if there is some fine rubbed material in hand, the chips are of ‘katcha stone’ which is disintegrated by rubbing. The floor is disintegrated by the use of this type of chips.
•Be careful for the marble chips have not any unwanted color chips mix. It is generally seen that there is mix of some black color marble chips in white chips. 
•Procure the chips which are clean, without any mixture and of uniform color. 
•Ensure that the chips bags have no fine material and no foreign material as sometimes the supplier fills the chips’ bags with fine material which is the dust of chips obtained while grading the stone. It affects in following two ways:
a)    Reduces the strength of the floor 
b)    Lessens the actual obtained quantity

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