Monday, March 10, 2014

Utilization of Space Under Stairs

You can utilize the space under stairs efficiently though it is small. This area is mostly neglected. You can make use of the space for storage, home office or study room. So why not start planning to make good use of the space. The following are efficient uses of the area under stairs.

Storage under Stairs

The space under stairs provides wonderful place for storage. Install cabinets, shelves and drawers under stairs for storage.  Use shelves to display decorative pieces whereas cabinets can be used for storage. Cabinets can be used for storing winter clothes and things which are sometimes used.  Drawers could be used for placing books and toys of children.

Study Area under Stairs

You can utilize the space by transforming it into study area. It might be a right place for computer. Cabinet can also be installed here for placing books. You can paint this area in warm shades to make it user friendly. It is good to make it study area in small apartments. It can also be used as a small library.

Home Office under Stairs

It’s a wonderful idea to decorate the space as a home office.  Though the space under stairs is small, yet you can create a compact work place. Use a small desk for computer and adjustable shelf is good option for that.

Toilet under Stairs

It’s usually a good idea to build a toilet under stairs in small apartments. Use this toilet for guests. This is an effective way of space saving.

Kids Space under Stairs

Kids need a place where they can play and enjoy. The space under stairs is a good idea for kids to play inside the house. Add some warm colors to make the space beautiful and fantastic.

Living Space under Stairs

Place a bed or sofa cum bed under stairs and ottomons can also be placed here.

 If you do not have another bedroom, this  area gives you the option of instant bedroom. You can use this place for relaxation and study. You can place Ottomans here for sitting in spare time. 

Garden Area under Stairs

If you have exterior staircase in your house, this area can best be used for growing small plants and creepers. The flower palnts look very beautiful under the stairs.


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