Friday, March 14, 2014


The way you light your house can make a big difference.
Never place any light source directly in front of a television.Never place any light source directly in front of a television.

Set the Mood
Always use three-way light bulbs in floor and table lamps, and use dimmer switches with all major light sources.

Return Policy
Only purchase table and floor lamps you can return. Review them in the environment you want to use them.

Create Drama
Be careful not to over-light a space. A more relaxed atmosphere complements the drama of a living room.

Lose the Chandelier
Every dining room does not need a chandelier. You can illuminate a dining room with just low-voltage accent lights.

Timeless vs. Trendy
Simple, timeless designs in chandeliers, pendants and lamps have a longer life than trendy designs and colors.

Watch Your Budget
Spend only what you can afford. Some less-expensive lamps can look great when mixed with more expensive fixtures or an antique lamp from a family member.

Avoid Impulse Shopping
Don't succumb to impulse shopping. If you're unsure about a fixture, don't buy it. Wait until you've found exactly the right one.

Don't Exaggerate!
An under-lit space can be as uninviting as an over-lit space. All spaces vary in function and so should the lighting.

You're the Star
Remember that people in spaces need to be illuminated as well. They need to feel comfortable and look great.

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