Friday, March 14, 2014

Types Of Bricks And Its Quality

There are three types of bricks 
First Class Bricks
Second Class Bricks
Third Class Bricks

Specification of First Class Bricks

  • Made of good earth which is free from saline deposits and are sand molded.
  • Burnt thoroughly without being vitrified and have deep red, cherry and copper color. 
  • Regular and uniform in shape and size with sharp and square edges and parallel faces.  
  • Must be homogeneous in texture and emit a clear ringing sound on being struck together.
  • Free from flaws, cracks, chops, stones and lime. 
  • Should not absorb water more than 20% of its own dry weight after 24 hours, immersion in cold water. 
  • Have a minimum crushing strength of 105 kg per sq. cm when tested according to the test.
  • Should not show appreciable sign of efflorescence either in dry state or subsequent to soaking in water.  

 NOTE: As per guidelines of all wings of the Government, semi-Government departments and other construction departments, First Class Brick tiles should be used for construction works.

Specification of Second Class Bricks

  • They shall be well burnt or slightly over burnt.
  • They must give clear ringing sound when struck.
  • The may have slight irregularities in size, shape and color.
  • They may have slight chips, flaws or surface crack but must be free from lime or kankar.
  • The minimum crushing strength of second class brick should be 70 kg per sq cm. 

Specification of Third Class Bricks

  • These bricks are slightly under burnt or over burnt.
  • They are not uniform in shape, size and edges.
  • They shall not observe water more than 25% of their own dry weight after 24 hours, immersion in cold water.
  • They have some signs of  efflorescence. 

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