Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Interior Design

No good-looking house is complete without stylish interiors. People are paying more and more attention to interior designing than ever before. Interior designing is all about the sensitive understanding of the surroundings, analyzing the needs of the user of the given space, thorough thought about varied elements of the interior and ultimately about the picture of aesthetics.

Interior designing focuses mainly on the structural nature of the building or house, the cultural and aesthetic sense and the economy of the house owner, and the physiological need of the space of the owner. Architects would tell you that the interior designing of the house should be thought of at all stages of construction. At the pre-construction stage the designer, along with the owner visualizes the space even before construction starts. This not only helps the designer accommodate the client's needs, it also helps in establishing the right harmony between structural architecture and interior.

Interior design during the construction phase implies that the designer’s visualization is restricted to within the structure as the walls are already raised. The designer depends on the client's cooperation to execute civil modifications to set the foundation for interior designing.

After the architectural work is through and finishing touches have been given to plastering, flooring, and window grills, electrical work and painting, the designer has to understand the existing conditions and devise the interior accordingly. The creativity is of the interior designer is the driving force. The impact lies in the designer's smart manipulation of existing features and the client's willingness to effect changes.

The basic elements of interior designing that are to be considered are:

Color is an abstract and challenging element of design. Colour gives life to walls. The right colors have the power to change the mood and give the space a certain personality. The wrong color can overshadow other elements and destroy the ambience of a room, so it is something to be planned and used carefully. Otherwise, it could bring about a jarring note in your stylish interiors.

Lighting is the most important element in any interior. It can turn dull spaces lively and vice versa. To male a room complete you have to understand both natural and artificial lighting. Natural lighting seeping in through windows and other wall openings come at varied intensities during different times of the day. Artificial lighting, on the other hand, adds depth and glamour to the spaces. The position and function of lighting, besides the electrical/ electronic gadgets, panel boards, switches and plug points should be considered in detail.

The furniture should be in harmony with the mood and purpose of the room. It influences the horizontal and vertical plane of space. The finer aspects of using different kinds of furniture namely fixed (wardrobe, counters etc), semi-fixed (cot, sofa, dining table) and floating (chairs, coffee table have to be considered.

The upholstery involves curtains and blinds. Taste and textures plays a vital role in these features of design. Curtains and blinds are not just beauty additives. They also decide matters of privacy and ambience. The upholstery should be such that it matches the color scheme and the style of the room and also its purpose.

Paintings, sculpture and pottery speak volumes about the owner's tastes.Bad displays could ruin even the most stylish interiors. So before you pick an antique piece for your room, make sure it matches the room and its interiors.


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