Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Wire and Switches

The electrical wiring of a house demands importance and careful planning because of the safety and functionality aspects.Even a well designed house can loose it all because of bad wiring and unplanned placement of lights and switches.The electrical wiring of the house has to be planned early as further modifications may require extensive overhead.The placement and number of endpoints in rooms, and the layout of lights, fans and other appliances are issues to be thought of early. A wide variety of electrical wiring devices which are made of diverse materials are available in the market. A house owner can have a hard time deciding on the materials to choose.Our experts can give you valuable advice on the wiring layout and planning and guide you in selecting the best materials to use to ensure the safety of your family and your home
  • Plan the wiring advance. The placement of the lights and sockets needed and future needs should be thought of before starting wiring.
  • Use only materials that have passed safety standards. This includes pipes, wires, sockets and fuses.
  • Use circuit breakers in rooms with the possibility of heavy electric load to protect your expensive home appliances.
  • Anticipate future needs for sockets and endpoints while planning the wiring layout. Shortsightedness in this regard may result in making changes in wiring cumbersome.
  • Ensure that all power plugs and indeed all your connections are properly earthed to prevent the possibility of electric shock

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