Friday, May 6, 2011

Home Insurance

Home InsuranceTHE INSURANCE industry is also largely responsible for the lack of awareness amongst the people about home insurance policies. According to people in the know of the things, the marketing of householder's or property insurance is relatively a speck when seen in relation to the emphasis on other products. This is not without reason as the premiums are low - though they have the potential to be huge if volumes build-up. Moreover, the marketing force of the insurance companies feels that the remuneration is low for the kind of efforts that they have to put in. By contrast, they tend to get more if they approach the moneyed. Policies offering risk cover to householders would be popular only when there is a savings element to them.

This is the bare truth behind the lack of public interest in the policies. Unlike the savings and bonus associated with a life insurance policy, those covering the house and its contents offer little benefit other than the risk cover.
Moreover, the procedure for obtaining the householders insurance is lengthy, involving more documentation and the policy has to be renewed every year without fail. Many of the policyholders tend to forget, as unlike a life policy, they are not at the risk of losing the survival benefits

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