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The kitchen is the housewife's domainThe kitchen is the housewife's domain and is one in which she spends a lot of time. Every aspect of a good kitchen should accentuate convenience and ease of work. A good kitchen is one that matches any other room in luxury and style while not compromising functionality. The layout of the kitchen is very important .The shelves, the sink and other compartments should be placed in such a way that there is enough space to move around and work. The flooring of the kitchen is different from that of the other rooms .Kitchen floors should be able to endure more use than that of other rooms and should retain their look while being easy to clean. The cabinets and shelves should make the most of the available space while not hampering the freedom of movement.

The position of ovens or stoves is an issue to be taken care of, as the heat can cause problems to the flooring and the paint. Our experts can help you design a kitchen that would satisfy the housewife in terms of space and ease of work while being stylish and matching with the rest of the house
Considering all the aspects of use in detail and understanding the pattern of use can make any kitchen, be it small or large, very comfortable to use. The placing of electrical outlets and sockets is very important. Small appliances like the mixer or a toaster can be placed on a separate place made for them near a wall socket. Larger appliances like the wet grinder for example may be placed on separate slabs or counters on the floor with low sockets especially provided for them. The focus is on ease of use and the best use of available space. For example, providing a small opening and a counter arrangement could give the kitchen space a lot more availability. It also helps in reducing clutter and ease is serving to the dining table.

Kitchens in Kerala may have ordinary ovens that generate smoke, so the wall along the cooking range gets really tarred and soiled in the long run. We could look at having darker colour wall tiles and the material or finish on the walls could ideally be easily washable and smooth. Even the counters and flooring could be of a natural hard material to prevent stains from cooking. Materials like the black granite, the kotah and cuddapah are suitable for a kitchen space.

Nowadays the trend is towards modular kitchens that can be assembled and built on for the entire kitchen. Modular kitchens come with appliances that make the cleaning process less taxing and less time consuming. These semi-permanent structures are built according the customer's needs, their choice of colours and, more importantly, within the available space. They make the best use of available space, providing adequate storage capability and ease of use and movement.

A well-defined work and storage area for the centre of activity of a home means loads of time saved, neat ambience and effective cleaning. A set of storage modules such as a cup saucer unit, a grain trolley, plate unit, a bottle pullout, an electric chimney, stylish spoon holders, cup holders, corner glass shelves, modeled to your specifications and choice will make working in the kitchen a joy to the housewife.

Modular kitchens basically provide you more space in a convenient way. For example, to use the corner of the kitchen, which gets generally wasted there are `carousel units' that revolve around and give you maximum use of the corner. Wall racks not only take less space but are also handy in nature. The cost of such modular kitchens are slightly higher then the conventional kitchen layout. Here are some things to consider when designing your kitchen:
  •   Don't position a cooking surface under a window, as you may burn your clothes when you lean over to open the window. Also, this lowers the visibility of the burner flame and exposes it to gusts of wind.
  •   A U-shaped arrangement of units maximizes cupboard and worktop space. However, consider your needs when planning your layout —
    you might prefer to do without one wall of units in order to have a serving window, or have a kitchen counter built in.
  •    If your layout permits, give yourself generous worktop space on either side of the gas burner or cooling range if your have one. to allow room for resting hot dishes and utensils.
  •   Place all kitchen furniture and fixtures against the walls so that you have plenty of room to move around.
  •   The key to a tidy kitchen is efficient storage. Make the most of cupboard space by fixing racks and shelves inside your units — most kitchen suppliers offer a range of clever interior fittings to help you get organized.
  •   If you prefer to have the refrigerator inside the kitchen, remember to keep it as far as possible away from the cooking area. Also, put your microwave away from the main cooking area if you cannot put in your dining area.

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