Friday, May 6, 2011


Carpets can help enrich the interior décor of a room. Carpets can help enrich the interior décor of a room. Although it may be said they do not exactly match the climate in all arts of our country, they are still used in areas where warmth is needed. More importantly they give a plush look to offices and homes.Using carpets to decorate homes is an expensive trend. Kashmiri carpets were favored earlier, though mostly by the upper segments of society. But because of the difficulty in maintenance, synthetic carpets are more widely used. Acrylic carpets, mostly exported used to be expensive but are now cheap and available. The flat carpets or non-woven carpets, which are used in offices, computer rooms, churches, cost less and are available in the range of Rs.10 to Rs.25 per square feet. Thicker carpets cost upward of Rs 30 a square feet, with the price going up depending on their thickness and weight. Woollen carpets cost less than the acrylic ones. They cost upwards of Rs.35 a square feet. They are easier to maintain in the climate here.

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