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Vastu Sastra in Kerala
Kerala is a role model for Vastu Sastra. Vastu Sastra is the science of house building. The adherence to Vastu Sastra in the construction of dwelling structures provides prosperity, disease-free and peaceful life all the while. In the case of business structures Vastu Sastra ensures upward prosperity.
Architecture and Vastu Sastra are different but co-related. Vastu Sastra is house-craft with a touch of religious rituals. An architect’s job is to build a structure with the facilities suggested by the owner and he cannot ensure prosperity, good health or happiness to the inmates. In contrast, Vastu Sastra paves the ways for all these elements. Architecture is a construction act world over, while architecture in India, especially in Kerala, is accompanied by religious thoughts and rituals.
Believers in Vastu assert that constructing a house without incorporating Vastu science is highly dangerous as it may result in various life complications and loss of wealth later. When disasters befall one upon one after living in non-Vastu houses, even disbelievers in Vastu are tended to believe in Vastu and adopt corrective steps.
Lately, Vastu Sastra has been acknowledged as a priceless gift to mankind. Countries like America, UK, Germany, Japan etc are extensively turning to Vastu Sastra nowadays. Though Vastu Sastra is an ancient science it did not get the deserving position in the past due to clever suppression by the ancestors to have the knowledge confined to themselves. The ancestors, however, employed the Vastu science for constructing kingly palaces, temples, religious places and the like. Special care was taken to keep the common man’s houses at bay from the Vastu. Later, common man got access to the knowledge of Vastu which led to its wide acceptance and utilization. Today, even a small structure is constructed with the concept of Vastu science only.
The principles of Vastu act on every object - living and non-living. If enough positive energy is present in every breath our health will remain sturdy and progress vigorously. And if we fail to follow Vastu principles the negative energy increases and we are doomed to suffer.
An inauspicious house is not always necessary to have demolished. In most cases, if we add few things the overall positive energy increases and ill-effects get tamed.
Vastu Sastra is co-related to horoscope. Astrologers prescribe the type of house depending upon the planetary position. We can change our destiny to a limited extent by following the principles of Vastu Sastra.
Many architects do not accept Vastu Sastra as a science. Their ignorance of this vital branch of science is stemmed from the fact that their study materials find no mention of this science. Lately, many universities have realized the value of Vastu Sastra and have incorporated it in the syllabus. While architecture is a technical knowledge directed towards preparation of plan, construction and decoration, Vastu Sastra is related to the universe and it has broad perspective delivering wealth, health and peace.Everything in the world is made up of five basic elements. When we build a structure a part of the space becomes inside the walls. The air inside the structure and in the space is of same nature.
The great Indian sages have studied the stars and the planets in the space, the constellations, the sun rays and the cosmic rays. This apart, they also studied extensively the gases obtained from the breathing of the plants, the ultraviolet rays obtained from the radiating substances, the gravitational force, electro-magnetic energy and the effect of all these on the environment and the structure. The Vastu Sastra was written by them after studying all these very minutely and after having experienced themselves. The ancient science Vastu Sastra is foolproof and complete. Still the mankind lags behind in fully utilizing the advantage of this science.
The ancient palaces, temples etc in Kerala have centuries old long life as they are constructed in accordance with Vastu Sastra norms. The mere carving out of the idols of God from stone, metal or wood is not enough according the Indian science of sculpture. The idols get life only when they are consecrated. The same holds good in the case of completed construction. Every object needs mechanical, technical or spiritual rites. For example, a raw diamond needs mechanical culture to become beautiful and fascinating. When an object is cultured, its value enhances and existence becomes important.
The proper study of Vastu Sastra reveals its high importance. Vastu Sastra is based on natural elements, laws of nature and the occult forces of the universe.
In Kerala house construction is a religious job involving secret of attainment (Siddhi) of four Purusharth Chatushtaya – Dharma (religion), Arth (wealth), Kama (desire) and Moksha (salvation).
Dharma (Religion): To have spiritual and inner (soul) happiness to the inmates of the house religious belief is necessary. Religious belief also helps to remove distresses linked to physical, emotional, divine and spiritual forces. Common people bestow due respects to the inmates of the houses with religious touch. There shall be no dispute, quarrel or enmity against each other. Even violent animals used to forget their enmity in the hermitage (ashrams of Sages). The lion and the goat, the snake and the mongoose used to live in the same hermitage. Such a co-living by opposing forces is an arch example of the religious benefit of Vastu.Arth (Wealth): A person rises and prospers in wealth the moment the house owner enters the house with Vastu Sastra. A house is considered worthless and bad if the inmates become bankrupt economically. In contrast, if the house is worthy, increase in source of income, glory and fame is witnessed. Plus all round happiness in the family is experienced.
Kama (Desire): If the house construction is according to Vastu children (son and girl) will be born along with the upping of pleasure and prosperity. No quarrels among family members or relatives, no court cases, no mental tension. The kids and youngsters abide by the elder and bestow respect to him.
Moksha (Salvation): An auspicious Vastu house creates Moksha to the inmates. A good family presents right and good behaviour which in turn leads to regal attainment.
The utility of Vastu Sastra is very important as it helps to acquire four aforesaid vital objects.
According to Vastu Sastra the land should be examined and worshipped before it is purchased.

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